About Us

We have discovered the importance of taking seriously the principles of sowing and reaping directly to impact our future and shaping even what we become in eternity.

The smallest decisions impact the generation after us.

Our Mission is too..


It’s simply putting a smile on one’s face. It’s Priceless and that’s all that matters.

Our Cause

Challenges is the name of life. The How is what matters to overcome those challenges.

Giving is a challenge of its kind; and the hardest tasks one can ever do; more especially once one has many bills to pay. However: Giving is an expression of one’s Faith.

It becomes useful when it is expressed throng works. Those works shows one’s Faith plus humanity. It also produces a willingness to work than share with others all your experiences. Therefore, our giving is measured out of one’s love.

When you notice a human being who gives his best without a cause rather than love and satisfaction of another human being made comfortable and accepted, this a huge sacrificial mile stone. This moves my heart to help others stand out..

Our Cause

There is a small town in Uganda where I found this kind hearted man who makes time for other children from the streets in his community and helps them become the men and women they are meant to be.

I was complied and moved to find out about his living condition with his family yet he makes time for others without a complaint.

Mr Samuel Ddamba is a father of 7 of which his biological children are 5. He spends most of his time mentoring and reaching out to others on the streets to make a difference in their lives.

He is talented with music, farming and shoe cleaning skills; of which is given out freely. He didn’t get much education in life but his humbleness and smile never portray the hardship he walks and lives in.

The children he picks up from the streets are aged 8-15-year-olds. His wish is to teach the children and direct them to a brighter future. For this reason, we are complied to stand and support him and that’s where you come in.


We aim to raise £30000 by Spring 2022 for Mr Samuel Ddamba

As Mr Ddamba has given so much to his community we would love to be able to help him and his family by improving his living situation. Our goal is to build him a new family home so, he can keep on giving!


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So, I conclude by saying we are PEOPLE OF SUBSTANCE! We support others by giving back!

How? By taking up projects to shelter the poor from bad living conditions to a home. Education support, empowering woman to work with their skills to generate an income for them to live on.

Showing the youth how to become great leaders and helping mostly men/boys understand that there are the kings in a home and they provide for a home. The last results are to never abandon responsibilities.

As for the girls we provide sanitary towels and teach them how to respect and honour their bodies. They must wait for marriage before their world falls apart.

We are a small group of people who find pleasure in making a difference. And keeping a smile on the
less advantaged.

Donate to our cause!

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